Managing Your Energy to Maximize Your Productivity – Part 2: Emotional Energy

Last week I discussed how to maximize your productivity when you manage your physical energy.   The key to managing your physical energy was sleeping , eating a nutritious breakfast, working out on a regular basis, and not skipping lunch or breaks at work.  This week I will outline what impacts emotional energy and steps you can take immediately to improve your emotional energy.  Personally, I believe that physical energy is the foundation for emotional energy. 

We have all been in situations when things appear to be a complete disaster and we have a choice to react or respond to the disaster. 


How to Response vs. React by Lee Colan on Inc.

  • When you simply react, your emotional instinct is in control, with little thought of the long-range consequences.
  • When you respond, your brain is fully engaged, and your self-awareness is high.  You have the long-term consequences in mind.

It is completely appropriate to react by pulling someone to safety if they are about to be hit by a bus.  It is rarely acceptable react by lashing out and yelling during a meeting or at others.

Usually our goal is to respond to a disaster rather than react.  We can typically respond when we feel positive emotional energy.  Identify the trigger.  First, identify triggers to negative emotional energy.  Did you not sleep well last night? Did a news article make you feel anxious or irritable?  Consider personal impact.  Ask yourself does this truly impact my life?  Will the outcome impact my life in 6 months?  Here are some steps to build and maintain positive emotional energy. 

  1. Breathe.  Breathe in for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 6-8.  Repeat several times. 
  2. Show appreciation.  Express appreciation towards others.  Send an email, handwritten note, or publicly acknowledge your appreciation for a co-worker or friend.
  3. Story re-write.  Did that stranger really see the coffee mug in your hand and purposely slam on their breaks so that you would spill your coffee all over your new pants?  Or is it possible they slammed on their breaks to avoid hitting a pothole? 

Re-writing the story might be the most important step to building and maintaining positive emotional energy when you start with asking your self “What are the facts?”

Check back next week when I discuss how to be more mindful to be more productive.

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